Farmers Group For Disabled People
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FAGDIPE aim to reduce social exclusion and to achieve integration of the disabled people into society. Also to make sure that abject poverty is alleviated by involvement into agriculture sector.

FAGDIPE will defend and advocate the rights of disabled people and encourage them to participate in various activities in the community (Economically, culturally, socially and politically).


The general object as FAGDIPE is to promote and physically engaged in all kinds of local agricultural activities (crops growing, products manufacturing, fisheries, poultries, forestry, bee keeping, floricultures, Aquacultures, agro-mechanics, horticultures, animal husbandry etc). These activities shall be done in order to bring economic sustainability to the targeted individuals, group and the community around us.

To promote and engaging into organic farming as Agro-business player aiming at large scale grower and planter in widest sense.

To share and exchange various opportunities/experiences with other organizations, development partners, donor countries and people within (Tanzania) or abroad.

Enabled and promote targeted individuals, groups to use modern equipments/machines and tools (agricultural inputs) such as tractors, power tillers, milling machines, planters, harvesters, oil pressing machines, weeding machines, etc.

Enabled the targeted group and individuals to attend short and long training/courses, seminars, workshop about agriculture, Healthy, socially matters etc.

To establish programs and projects that will look after marginalized people, disadvantaged or underprivileged children, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), or Most Vulnerable Children (MVC), People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), aged people through provision of psycho-social services and support through capacity building and empowerment.

To promote fish farm, cattle farm, goat farm, poultry farm. Bee keeping for honey etc.

To promote or mobilize the establishment of VICOBA (Village Community Bank), SACCOS etc to our members evens the community around us.

To promote small industrial processing products/crops from agriculture activities.

Empowerment and capacity building to women and girls with disabilities and make sure that they live with confidence economically, culturally, politically and socially.

To make partnership projects with other organization (NGO, CBO, Civil Society Organization, Government Organizations) within and outside Country (Tanzania)

Organise events and host activities to promote FAGDIPE.

To raise funds, organize fundraising activities and receiving contributions where appropriate to finance the work.

To obtain and own land more than 50 acres for investment/agricultural activities from village authority level even district level for the benefit of FAGDIPE members and the community around us..

To build store house in order to store various goods for FAGDIPE members and the community around us.

To Find internal and external market for our goods/crops produced from agricultural activities.

To pay for insurance services for our properties/services/goods/crops produced.

Work with similar groups and exchange information and advice with them within and outside country.

To apply grants from abroad and within our country for various empowerment and capacity building projects/programmes aimed at people with disabilities as well as loans from financial institutions local/international.

To mobilize all members of FAGDIPE to possess more than 5 acres of land for agriculture activities as self reliance practice.

To hire the land for FAGDIPE in order to implement projects/ programmes/ investments/activities related agriculture also other activities so that to bring best effective impact to FARDIPE aims and objectives.

Farmers Group For Disabled People

Farmers Group For Disabled People

Farmers Group For Disabled People

Farmers Group For Disabled People

Farmers Group For Disabled People

Farmers Group For Disabled People

Farmers Group For Disabled People